SSI made an announcement of CEO designation

Sound Solutions International (“SSI”) made an announcement recently,designating James Zhao its Group CEO, responsible for all business units,product strategy and management of SSI Group.

Known as Knowles (Beijing) Limited, SSI formerly belonged to Knowles group. It specializes on micro-component acousticsector. SSI has accumulated 80-year acoustic solution experience in theindustry.  It was fully acquired by DexuInvestment on May2016 for the micro-component business, company assets andglobal patents.

The decision has been made after carefulconsideration. James is Singaporean Chinese who is a post doctor in YaleUniversity. He is an expert in consuming electronic in both technical and management level and has been a senior executive in a multinational corporateBekaert for over 10 years. James then joined Lens Technology as factory GM,Asia Pacific R&D GM, Group SVP and GM of Lens Changsha and Xiangtan. Duringhis time in Lens, James took the lead to build three industrial parks andmanage 45k employees daily. He made tremendous contribution to Lens Group andthe smart device supply chain area.

As consuming electronic industry transferring to China, the market and talents pool in this industry are getting mature. Benefited from this trend, considerable amount of China-made high-tech enterprises arerising up. “SSI has both big brand name and leading technology in which Ireally put faith. So I believe SSI has great potential to be discovered.”Talking about why joined SSI, James explained.

We have a clear vision for SSI. We make“Making better sound for human being” as our mission. With that, we will bededicated in acoustic area, aiming to provide top-tier products and solutionsto meet customers’ demand and add values. Also, we are most welcoming talentsto join us. A promising career path with competitive incentive mechanism willbe provided. Let’s together make a better future for SSI!

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