— Products —

Through leading the innovation of products and manufacturing we
ensure sustainable  success for our
owners, employees, customers and suppliers. From early predevelopment and
supplier development to mass-manufacturing we continuously strive to improve  performance, reduce waste and
environmentally friendly materials in our products and production.

— People& Culture —

We try to shape the company culture and work environment based on human and ethical standards. We value people as our key to success, strive to treat our people respectful and fair, invest in their development, give them the right challenges, reward high performance, inspire them to sustain health and safeguard a safe working environment. We teach and engage them to seek compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of conduct.

— Society —

We closely work with our stakeholders in society such as our target education and research institutes and in parallel seek to increase this spirit of social responsibility of our employees.

Corporate social responsibility

— CSR —

The purpose is to ensure compliance with laws and customers requirement in terms of workers’ rights and interests, business ethics, environmental protection, occupational health and safety. In the meantime, we take continuously improvement for those aspects to take our role in social responsibility. As the base of acting corporation social responsibilities, to setup the linkage with existed environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system.Accordingly, to setup the overall system consists of workers rights and interest system, business ethics system, environment system and occupational health & safety system.

The following aspects are covered by CSR:

1.Labor and Human Rights

a) No underage Labor

b) Prevention of Involuntary Labor

c) Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment and abuse

d) human-based management

e) Freedom of association and collective bargaining

f) Working Hours Management

g) Wages and Benefits

2.Health and Safety

a) Health and Safety Policy

b) Health and safety management

Refer to OHSAS18001 to set up occupational health and safety management system, set up the procedures and regulations which is in conformity with laws and regulations. Detailed information refer to occupational health and safety management system which ensures the safety of the workplace.

3.Environmental Protection

a) Environment Policy

b) Environment Management

Refer to ISO14001 to set up environmental management system, set up the procedures and regulations which is in conformity with laws and regulations. Detailed information refer to environmental

management system.

4.Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Code of business conduct and ethics is issued to each worker. In which, following information is described and requiring to be followed: complying with laws and regulation, interest conflict, business opportunities, gift/bribery/kickback,international business, covering mistake, financial integrity, fair dealing,workplace safety, commercial integrity, open information, protection the intellectual property, conflict mineral, etc..

The code of business conduct and ethics is done to all workers.

Whistleblower protection and anonymous complaints.

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