Sound Solutions Village project launched at Zhenjiang

SoundSolutions Village project launched at Zhenjiang—making a large production base of the SSI Group

The Sound Solution Village project, which is meant to build a newautomated factory in Zhenjiang city, was officially signed in Zhenjiang.Representatives from Zhenjiang government, Commercial Bureau of JiangsuProvince Liu Xiang, Wang Runliang, Xue Feng and Guo Jiansheng together withrepresentatives from SSI Lin Lijun and Zhao Junwu have attended themeeting.   

Formerly known as Knowles (Beijing) Limited, Sound SolutionsInternational (SSI) is one of the leading acoustic solution provider inmicro-component area with 80-year experience. It was fully acquired by DexuInvestment on May2016. With “Client first, 6 Sigma Culture,Integrity, Passion, Innovation” as itscore values, SSI is committed to provide the best products and solutions and makesefforts to improve quality of lives.

Zhenjiang New Area (aka. Zhenjiang Economic and Technological DevelopmentZone) is located at east side of Zhenjiang city. It was emerged from the oldEconomic and Technological Development Zone and Dagang Economic and TechnologicalDevelopment Zone on June1998 covering 218.9 square kilometers area and 270,000 regularresidents. Zhenjiang New District was upgraded to national-level Economic andDevelopment Zone in April2010. It has built up 6 national-level programsencompassing University Technological Park, High-tech startup service center,Optoelectronics and communications component production base, export processingzone and eco-chemical production base.

Liu Xiang, Guo Jian gave congratulation speeches at launching session.They expressed their good wills on this cooperation, hoping it could be longlasting and bringing more innovation, synergies and dynamics to government andcorporates. “Government will do its best to serve for this vision “said Liu andGuo.

“SSI has long-established history root in micro-component area, somethingthat is really worth being proud of. The total investment for Sound SolutionVillage is estimated at USD220milion. With that, we aim to make it a large production base of SSI Group worldwide. People is one of the core assets for corporate development. SSI plans towork with local universities to attract more talents joining us. We will alsoprovide 5,000-10,000 job vacancies in the near future. “Quoted Zhao Junwu, CEOof SSI, while giving an introduction to SSI’s vision.

Lin Lijun, Chairman of SSI, said “Sound is associated with all the nicestthings human beings ever discovered. I feel so honored to invest in SoundSolutions who has such a profound history. SSI has a very much clearly definedfuture to become the world class acoustic solution provider. I believe the newproject will bring strong dynamic and motivation to not only Zhenjiang, butalso to China and world. Let’s together make a new legend.”

The completedSound Solution Village will be equipped with public facilities, parks to ensurethe best work-life environment for SSI employees. SSI has been working withJiangsu University and Jiangsu Technological University on talent programs,targeting on high-end talents. Taking the passion for creation and innovation,together with strong support from Zhenjiang government, SSI targets at becomingthe world’s greatest acoustic corporate to create better sound for the world.

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